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February 25-26, 2024: Climate activists are invited to join in a lobby day, coordinated by CCL, OCEC, OCAA and ClimateFast, to promote renewables and conservation, and against gas plant expansion. The focus is a breakfast at Queen's Park early on the 26th. Participants will invite their MPP to attend and are encouraged to attend in person (whether or not the MPP accepts). Sunday night is a lobby training event at 6:30 pm at Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave. For those coming from out of town, overnight accommodation can be arranged at Friends House or a billet. The webpage is below and registration is open. If you have any questions please be in touch with Lyn Adamson

John Stephenson, Rita Bijons, Mike Shreiner - MPP and Green Party leader, Cheryl McNamara, Carol Essex, Anne Keary, Lyn Adamson at the 2023 Lobby Breakfast. 


On Sept 26, 2023 climate activists met with MPPs to address Ontario's energy future with a specific focus on fighting the planned expansion of gas plants in Ontario.

​We build political will one constituency at a time. Thus, we want our own MPPs to know that we have put the government of Ontario on notice that we will not stand idly by while they jeopardize lives and waste hundreds of millions of dollars every year. 

Join the fight for a renewable energy future!  Please join our lobby day.