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12 day ClimateFast heads back to Parliament Hill starting Sept. 21…. 
Last year a handful of determined climate activists fasted on Parliament Hill for 12 days to draw attention to the Federal government’s lack of action on climate change.  Since then, despite record-breaking temperatures in 2012, and devastating natural disasters, any measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions by our Federal Government to even meet projected targets have failed.  Disappointingly, Canada is still on a trajectory to, once again, fall short of the Government’s projected targets and at the current rate, emissions may even increase by 2020!   
“This crisis has been defined as the most urgent issue facing humanity of our current time, and is simply too urgent, and the consequences to our children too grave to just do nothing” said Lyn Adamson, a Fasters and one of the organizers of 12-day campaign.   And so, in the face of our Government’s inaction, many of the original Fasters are headed back, once again, to Ottawa, from September 21st (International Day of Peace) until – October 2nd (Gandhi’s birthday). The Fasters are calling upon Parliamentarians to make climate change a priority when they return for the fall session.  Their demands are clear: 
  1. ​End fossil fuel subsidies (as promised at the 2009 G-20 Summit);  
  2. ​Put a price on carbon;
  3. ​Support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada.  
The Fast captured the attention of many Canadians, many of whom fasted in solidarity or pledged to write their MPs or local papers and was endorsed by many notable scientific, environmental, faith-based, and social justice organizations. In all, 103 MPs and 13 Liberal Senators signed the Pledge.  
This year ClimateFast is determined to further engage the public across Canada inviting them to join them in a full or partial food fast or carbon fast and to press the leaders to take the necessary action to change policies contributing to this crisis. The Fast will open with a Vigil on Parliament Hill, Sept. 21st at 7:00 PM and closes with a Vigil at 7:00 PM on Oct. 2nd.